Mechanical ventilation


Non-Invasive Ventilation is a a therapy for Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency (CRI) or for pathologies where the respiratory muscles are deficient.

This treatment consists of assisting breathing using a device that generates two pressures: One upon inhaling and another, lower pressure, upon exhaling, by means of a mask placed over the nose and/or mouth.

Use of non-invasive ventilation is done in a medical environment in order to:

  • adapt the machine settings according to the patient’s pathology and to confirm its effectiveness,
  • ensure patient comfort and good tolerance of the mask before returning home.

A period of adaptation, more or less long depending on the individual, is quite normal. It is necessary for the success of your treatment.



  • respond to questions,
  • install the hardware the day the patient returns home,
  • help the patient as well as his entourage to be autonomous in using the treatment,
  • ensure, where appropriate, training of home health workers (nurse, physiotherapist, housekeeper…),
  • perform regular home follow-up visits,
  • check the hardware and restock the consumables,
  • transmit patient results and treatment compliance report to the prescriber,
  • help manage the administrative paperwork.

The team is available 24/7 in case of a technical problem.

All of the information cited above has been provided as a service to keep you informed. In no case should it be a substitute for information provided to you by your doctor.

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