Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the appropriate response in this list, or if you need clarification, or to ask any other question, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.

Your questions


Can I move/go on holiday with my treatment?

Yes, you can move and/or go on holiday with your medical equipment. In order to organize the continuity of your treatment, please notify us at least fifteen days before your departure.

If you go abroad, in order to travel and respect the legal requirements, AGIR à dom. can provide you certificates for your medical equipment and customs certificates.


Who will help me at home?

Your follow-up is provided by a multidisciplinary team. Different providers may accompany you in the smooth functioning of your treatment: health technicians, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, pediatric nurses, APA teachers, delivery services, etc.

The role of each of these providers is specific, but all are trained to accompany you and to answer your questions.

Why two hours for appointments?

This two hour period provides flexibility in our interventions. This dedicated time allows us to spend the needed time with each patient, to ensure the quality of your treatment. It also allows for difficulties that can be encountered because of traffic.

How often does AGIR à dom. come to see me?

The visits to your home by AGIR à dom. are regulated by the LPP* of the Social Security and the prescription. For your treatment to be reimbursed by social security, AGIR à dom must respect these regulations. In the interest of the treatment, AGIR à dom. nevertheless remains at your disposal, as well as that of your specialist physician, in order to adjust, strengthen or better adapt your visits. No visit will be made without an appointment that has been agreed upon in advance. And in all cases, we confirm your availability before each visit.

*List of products and services

May I stop my treatment?

Certain reasons may lead you to wish to interrupt your treatment. This step, in the treatment of a long-term pathology, is normal. We are here to address it with you. If after discussing your desire together, if you still wish to stop your treatment, this decision must be made with your doctor.

If I am hospitalized, what should I do?

During a period of hospitalization, we will suspend the billing of your service. That is why you or one of your loved ones must inform us of your hospitalization.

What documents should I provide to AGIR à dom. ?

The elements that you need to provide us for support of your treatment with AGIR à dom. are:

  1. Your medical prescription
  2. A copy of your up-to-date of social security certificate
  3. A copy of your valid co-insurance card (to be provided annually)


What water should I put in my humidifier and how do I maintain it?

Your humidifier must only be filled with water. We recommend using boiled tap water or bottled water (spring water).

  • Boiled water: Boil the water for at least 1 minute and allow it to cool before use,
  • Spring water: Choose the least mineralized water possible.

Attention: Never use distilled water or household-use de-mineralized water.

Washing, de-scaling, drying:

Particular attention must given to drying, as well as to the elimination of tartar, in order to limit bacteria proliferation.
The de-scaling process is done with diluted white vinegar.
In the case of a humidifier used in oxygen therapy, the nozzle must also soak in diluted white vinegar in order to de-scale it. Let the elements dry naturally.

It is necessary to respect:

  • the frequency of changing the water in the tank: once a day,
  • the frequency of cleaning and de-scaling: once a week.
What do I do if my treatment has been refused by my insurer?

Your treatment may be refused by the Medical Council of your social security provider.
We recommend that you respect the deadlines for return of various administrative documents.

Does AGIR à dom. set the rates for my treatment?

No, AGIR à dom. does not set the rates for your treatment. They are set by Social Security (Code of SS Article 165-1 LPP).

May I purchase my equipment?

Only rental of your device is paid for by your Social Security provider.
The “rental” guarantees you quality accompaniment by the  AGIR à dom. teams

Do I declare my device to my insurance company?

The material provided by AGIR à dom. is your responsibility. That is why we recommend that you declare it to your insurance company.

How do I benefit from an aid for electrical consumption?

It is the Social Security Code (LPP) which defines the assistance with payment for electrical consumption. It depends on the type of treatment (package) prescribed by your doctor.

Can my primary care doctor sign my prescription?

In some cases, your primary care doctor is able to establish the prescription for your treatment. But it is often necessary for your specialist physician to sign your prescription. Indeed, only your specialist is able to perform certain exams that are necessary and indispensable for your treatment.

Why am I asked for a renewal of my prescription?

In order to ensure continuity of care, when your initial prescription expires, we ask for a new one. This prescription, properly completed and signed by your specialist physician, is thus necessary for us.

So that your doctor has the latest information about your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us concerning the date of your next consultation with him/her.

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