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Respiratory Insufficiency
  • French Federation of Associations and Friends of Respiratory Insufficient or Disabled individuals
    An Association under the law of 1901, the FFAAIR brings together more than 40 associations throughout France and defends the rights of the ill and intervenes with health authorities for recognition of respiratory handicap. The review “La voix des AIR” is downloadable on the site, and presents the news of the member associations of the FFAAIR, articles on respiratory insufficiency and its treatments.
  • Users of continuous positive pressure (UPPC)
    An association of patients treated by continuous positive pressure, the goal of the UPPC is to increase knowledge of SAS and its treatment by continuous positive pressure. It proposes conferences/debates with service providers, support groups for patients and their relatives, and participates in medical research on sleep.
  • French-language Society of Pneumology
    A large volume of scientific and medical information is available on the site of the SPLF. You will also find a calendar of all the events and news of the SPLF.
  • French federation of Pneumology
    The FFP brings together respiratory associations, the French-language Society of Pneumology, organisations (SAR and SPH), the National Committee to combat respiratory diseases, and local and regional associations of pulmonologists. You can find more details on their website.
  • The Committee Against Respiratory Diseases
    The site offers information on all respiratory diseases (allergies, asthma, COPD, Pulmonary embolism…), the agenda of its activities and access to the catalogue of its documentation centre which contains books, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs… You can register to receive the newsletter regularly.
  • Asthma and Allergies Association
    The mission of The Asthma and Allergies Association is to inform and support asthmatic patients and their relatives by organizing meetings and international National Asthma and Allergy days in France. Find all the activities of the Association in its agenda.
  • Assistance to Young diabetics
    The site is devoted to information on diabetes, its treatments, nutritional advice, as well as advice for travel by young diabetic patients.
  • Association of diabetics of the Dauphiné
    Avenue Marquis du Grésivaudan – 38700 La Tronche- Tel. 04 76 17 00 95
    To learn more, click here.
  • Lyon Diabetic Association (ADLY)
    Hôpital de l’hôtel Dieu – 1, place de l’hôpital – 69002 LYON – Tel. 04 78 38 1 00 Contact :
  • French Association of Diabetics (AFD)
    The AFD is a site featuring information on diabetes, its various forms and its treatments. You can find information about your rights as a patient, advice on obtaining a loan… the AFD offers its members a protection service, all information regarding this service are available on the Association’s Internet site by clicking here.

Parkinson Association France, click here.

  • French Society of Sleep Research and Medicine (SFRMS)
    The mission of the SFRMS is to facilitate the transmission of sleep-related medical information between health professionals. The site offers scientific articles about sleep pathologies.
  • National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (ISV)
    The ISV informs you about sleep and its pathologies, current treatments and the advances in medical research to which the ISV contributes. Find out about all the medical and scientific events dealing with sleep in France on the agenda on their Internet site. The site offers a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer questions you may have about sleep and its pathologies.

Francophone Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition

The site of the SFNEP proposes press reviews, articles, dossiers and clinical cases concerning enteral and parenteral nutrition.

Cystic Fibrosis
  • Beat Cystic Fibrosis
    Created over 40 years ago by parents of patients, this association offers many informational documents on the disease. You can download them from the Internet site.
  • Association Grégory Lemarchal
    A support association for people with cystic fibrosis that organizes activities to raise funds for medical research. Find the agenda of the association’s activities on the Internet site.
  • Run Against Cystic Fibrosis
    The association Run Against Cystic Fibrosis, in partnership with the association “Beat cystic fibrosis,” organizes treks, marathons and fun-runs each year to fund medical research. Find the program of the upcoming races here.
  • Snow Stars (Etoiles des Neiges)
    Through the practice of physical activity, organized sports vacations and meetings with athletes, the association “Etoiles des Neiges” supports young patients with cystic fibrosis. The association’s newsletter can be downloaded on the site. You can consult the program of sports outings provided on the Internet site.



The National Association for home-based treatment, Innovation and Research provides health professionals practical and technical information data sheets for all medical devices available in France. Also available are information data sheets about social issues and patient practices (disability card, universal sickness cover, personalized autonomy benefit)

For more information click here.

Ministry of Health, Youth, Sports and Associative Life

Find on the Ministerial site all the current news about health in France, the latest laws and ministerial orders, health alerts… All major health-related events in France are listed on the Ministry’s agenda. The site offers a wide choice of downloadable documents (press releases, dossiers,…).

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