Social accompaniment


When illness strikes, sometimes social and family equilibrium is disrupted. In this case, social accompaniment of the person may be necessary. Thus, in 2006 we recruited a social worker, who’s role is to find solutions to the financial, social and administrative consequences generated by your pathology. At your request, she studies your situation, evaluates your needs, directs you to the relevant social services and accompanies you throughout the processes.


  • inform you of your rights as a patient and allow you to exercise them,
  • orient you or accompany you to the social structures adapted to your needs,
  • make the link with other social workers,
  • assist in the management of obtaining social support.


The missions of our social services are reflected by various concrete actions aimed at improving your daily life.

  • Actions to improve the quality of life: accompaniment in the organization of home health care in partnership with local social services (caregivers, personal assistants…), combat isolation (creating links with patient associations and neighbourhood associations), vacation vouchers.
  • Actions that help to improve delicate financial situations: Completing requests for financial assistance from social agencies, requesting funds from AGIR à dom.’s social fund. (financing of electrical consumption generated by extractors, and in some situations of disability or loss of autonomy, co-financing of materials, electric wheelchairs…).
  • Administrative activities to help you exercise your rights: Help in obtaining universal illness coverage or co-insurance, help with the applications to Departmental Homes for Disabled Persons (MDPH), create links with other social workers.

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